Kerry Donati: Etchings and Aquatints

Etchings bring together old techniques and new inspirations. The interaction of copper and ink make every print unique, and every print fresh. Kerry is inspired by using the same techniques that have been used for hundreds of years: preparing the plate, melting the ground, etching with acid, and printing with a nineteenth century mangle.

Using soft and hard grounds, aquatint, sugar-lift, ‘à la poupée’ and other techniques, captures the pattern and form of what inspires her. Most, but not all, Kerry’s work is inspired by rural Kent.

She enjoys the reflective process or ‘building’ a print, which could be referred to as ‘slow art’. Using the ‘à la poupée’ technique, and varying the inking techniques, a further quality to the etching is added that ensures that each print is effectively a mono-print. The ink adds a painterly quality, playing with colour and light. Nothing is added on after the print passes through the press, so that as well as being part of a limited edition, each print is nuanced and has its own, unique atmosphere.