Competition winners

We’re pleased to announce the following winners of our writing and photography competitions:

Adult Writing: Anna Selby Watching the Nestbox

Watching the Nestbox
May 22nd to July 19th 2018

To hold a dying bird in your hands
is like holding an argument:
hot little thudding
hot scuffle of feathers
all angles and escape
a body flooded, bolting.
Its feathers peek between your fingers:
reptilian tongues.
A breath-a breath-abreath.
Put it in your mouth
like a naughty dog:
hot little thudding
hot scuffle of feathers.
I watched them opening.
New-born swifts
look more like they’re dying
mid-treatment, half-lings:
their gonad skin, their pathetic feather-fluff.
Scratchy old Horrors:
hot little thudding
hot scuffle of feathers.
Then when the nestlings’ needles come in
it is a kind of trauma
watching them.
But when they fledge –
they move more like fish: lifting
as if falling couldn’t exist.
So, when the first has its second birth
swims itself out of the nest
swings like shot.

Adult Photography: Sari C. Cunningham Brown-eared bulbul in cherry blossoms, Japan

Children Writing: Grace & Clare Wells

Children’s Photography: Maude Hutchinson (age 13) Great Crested Grebe on the Norfolk Broads