Wealden Literary Festival takes many colours. At heart, it is a chance to unearth some of the magic of the natural world and celebrate our relationship with place through literature, arts, crafts and food as well as creative workshops and hands-on outdoor activities.

The Festival provides an opportunity to pause and explore the living world around us; a moment’s respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It is family-friendly with free entrance for children under 14.

In the enchanting setting of Boldshaves Garden near Tenterden in the Weald of Kent and the fields and wild woods that surround the gardens, the Festival brings together renowned authors, poets, artists and makers who look first and foremost to nature, wilderness and the spirit of place for inspiration.

In the words of Robert Macfarlane, author of The Old Ways and The Lost Words:

It is a thrill to see Wealden Literary Festival taking root and flourishing. With its emphasis on the natural world, its commitment to children and to community, and its vision of getting people outdoors and hands-on with nature, as well as reading and talking about it, it strikes me as a hugely hopeful and valuable new event. Long may it grow!

We are a registered charity, aiming to promote access to, and understanding of the natural world.

All illustrations by Naomi Howarth

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