Sneak peek

Over the past few months we’ve been busy pulling together a wonderful programme for the festival in June… as you may tell, we’re quite excited about it ourselves!

In anticipation of the announcement of the full line-up (to be published soon in all its glory on the festival website) we wanted to share one or two snippets with you.

Our authors include some of the most celebrated names in place, nature and travel writing. Between them, they have produced enough inspiring books to fill a small library of their own.

Their books have journeyed sublimely over a diverse range of land and seascapes – from mountains, moorland, woodland, fields and gardens to rivers, coasts, oceans and much else in between not least urban environments – and have mulled over the profound and lasting effects these places can have on us.

They’ve described passionately the beauty and intricacy of the wildlife they have encountered along the way.

And they’ve mused upon our own place within the natural world, exploring, for example, the significance of the wild and celebrating the potential of the world around us as a source of inspiration and enchantment.

So come and hear what they have to say over the weekend of 18th and 19th June in the magical surroundings of Boldshaves Gardens.

Tickets for each event will go on sale at the end of January. They are limited in number, so be sure to book ahead to save your place in what will be a unique adventure through the beautiful, enchanting world we live in.

We look forward to seeing you there…